Your own personal Chef

Hélène Darroze, is also the place where I put expertise, reputation and a passion enriched with 20-year's experience at your service. With a head chef, head pastry chef and a floor manager by my side, we are able to support and manage co-branding projects, branding, product launches, grand openings, menu or concept creation, etc.
Whatever your project, we will work with care and attention and dedicate ourselves to supporting you every step of the way to make it happen.

Examples of services offered

Participation in conferences

20 January 2011
One-hour conference in Cannes, as part of the 7th Relationships of Trust and Proximity organised by the laboratory LFB.
22 March 2011
One-hour conference at the Shangri-La hotel, as part of the Women Together 3 conference organised by Crédit Agricole.
2 May 2011
Participant in a 50-minute conference/debate on: "Award winning cuisine, portrait of a chef" followed by dinner for 100 people at the Quai Branly museum, as part of The Boston Consulting Group Excom.


Catering for external events

14 February 2010
Brunch for 400 people at the Pierre de Coubertin stadium, for the President's brunch at the women's tennis Open GDF Suez.
11 September 2010
Dinner for 30 people at the Quai d'Orsay, as part of a soiree organised by Cartier.
16 December 2010
Dinner for 270 people at the Palais de Chaillot, as part of a soiree organised by Orange/Blackberry.
9 June 2011
Cocktail party at KarréMagik for 120 people, as part of an event organised by Google.
June 2012
Gala dinner for 150 people, as part of the opening of a temporary pavilion in the Jardins des Tuileries for the "Behind my Window" exhibition by Mr Yoo.
June 2013
Gala dinner for 150 people, as part of the opening dinner of  "Vinexpo" at Château Fieuzal, one of the most prestigious châteaux in Bordeaux.
July 2013
Dinner for 120 guests at Ritz Carlton Beijing as part of a soirée organized by Louis Vuitton.
May 2014
Pop up  restaurant from the 28th-30th in At.mosphere Burj Khalifa, the highest restaurant in the world in Dubaï.



Since 2007
Co-branding with the Basque textile house Jean Vier to create and market a "Hélène Darroze" product range.
Co-branding with Monoprix to create, select, monitor production and market 40 products.
Since May 2010
Co-branding with Leffe beer creating 50 different appetizers to promote beer as an aperitif.
May 2011
Partnership with Clarins to create 4 dishes around perfumes from "Thierry Mugler - The Taste of Fragrance". Creation of dishes for the New York launch for around fifty journalists, and participation in providing lunch for the Paris and London launches.
December 2011
Co-branding with Maille to launch and promote a truffle mustard through the creation of two exclusive dishes and the organisation of a press lunch to launch the product and the collaboration.  
Partnership with MasterCard to promote their new program "Priceless Paris" with the organization of 4 Masterclasses in her parisian restaurant  
May 2014  
Partneship with Disney with the organization of a Media Masterclass in London for the launch of a new attraction "Ratatouille" at Disneyland Paris  


Team building sessions

Creation and hosting of 6 team-building sessions over two days for BNP Paribas, in the form of a cookery course.

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